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Happy Birthday SG FOOT CARE!
New DD Creme Mouse Available now!
St. Kitts & Nevis Foot Care Residency Jan 2014
Salon/Spa Tech protection and prevention


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Happy Birthday SG FOOT CARE!



New DD Creme Mouse Available now!

NEW DD CREAM MOUSSE - with DITThe bioactive Spirulina microalgae extract in this mousse has very distinct anti-microbial properties due to its enzymatic activity. With cellular regenerative effects, this rich mousse revitalizes, hydrates and smoothes very dry skin to provide double defense foot care protection. 
Available Now @ SG Foot Care $28

SIZE: 300 ml / 10.1 fl oz* DIT = Dermal Infusion Technology

St. Kitts & Nevis Foot Care Residency Jan 2014

One week in St. Kitts and Nevis providing free Foot Care to the public, was a very rewarding, humbling and very very sweaty experience since the humidity almost killed me, however there was no snow so I was happy.
Providing foot care for the beautiful, selfless, and spiritual islanders they gave us so much more than we could ever give them,  hugs, smiles, tears, guava cheese and and experience we will never forget as they touched our lives.
I cannot even begin to express the feelings i came away with after four and a half full days of clinic.

Salon/Spa Tech protection and prevention

I've been doing a lot of reading on airborne particles and the effects on podiatrists and chiropodists over the years of being exposed to fungal spores and studies on possible hepatitis and HIV being present in the particulates.  Though not confirmed 100% it has one thinking how am I protecting myself from possible future complications.     Like dust sensitivity and asthma ...   Also not having my safety glasses as optional since I read of some drill bits letting off shards after continued use and hitting techs in the eye. Yikes.     I know I sound a lil overboard.  But if I'm nuts over being super clean and safe for my clients I guess I should do the same for myself.

As professionals we need to know the scope of our practice and industry

8Halloween Tips for Children with Diabetes.

Came across a great little article for children with diabetes:  this article was taken from Canadian diabetes association 

Eight Halloween tips for children with diabetes
Soon the young ghosts goblins and witches will be knocking on doors chanting trick-or-treat for Halloween by planning ahead the traditions of Halloween can be enjoyed by children who have diabetes
Whatever the occasion kids with diabetes can be involved there is a misconception that diabetes is about avoiding sweets and sugars however it's actually about managing carbohydrate intake

FootLogix. Where Medi meets Pedi.

Why I choose to use for FootLogix for my footcare services:  the first Footlogix Pediceuticals 
FootLogix is made 100% within Canada and the United States.
Safe for diabetics 
non-occlusive:  Which means it will not block our skins natural functions. We have sweat glands and oil glands all over our bodies except for the soles of our feet and palms of our hands where we only have sweat glands. Foot Logix will still allow our feet to sweat 
Alcohol free nondrying formula

Dermal integration technology In a non-greasy foam formula that penetrates the skin to where hydration is needed most

Gel Polish & Nail Enhancments

Artificial Nails such as Gel or Acrylic and even the new Gel polish nails are enhancments appliced for length, beautifucation or both.
There are always a few tips and tricks and troubleshooting as to why your nails arent lasting the way you want them to.
Lifting is a number one problem many people experience, which can be caused by:
1: soaking the nails for long periods of time (washing dishes, sitting in the hot tub, swimming)
2: Lotions that contain LANOLIN or MINERAL OILS.
3: Self filing the ends of the nails which breaks the seal of the acrylic or gel.

Skin care typo

Ever done a skin care regimen that you haven't stuck to.  Not have stuck to. :).  ( correction for skin care regimen post#1)
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