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Skin Care

(Photo courtesy of Image Skin Care)
25% of skin are is professional facials, chemical peels/lifts, microdermabrasion, I.P.L. and other forms of skin care treatments available.
75% of skin care is home care.  Home care is the #1 thing that will give you the results you are looking for along with that 25% boost from professional treatments.

How you treat your skin daily will effect how your skin will age.  Not only our diet and our bad habits like smoking, but also what we put on/or don't put on our skin directly effects our skin health.

Nail Rebalance, Fill, Fix

It's always good to book a rebalance of the nail in advance to avoid stress cracks or breaks.  Your nail technician will have created a nice c curve for your nail with it being slightly thicker along the stress line.  As the nail grows the stress c curve built up by your tech will grow out with your nail and needs to be rebalanced.  Your free edge will begin to show and a rebalance of your colour will be needed as well.  Notice in the photo the stress crack which has resulted from new growth and the movement of the built up stress line.

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$75 Foot Care 
Gait Analysis, Foot Soak, Nail Care, Cuticle Care, Heel & Callus Care, Finishing Creme & Relaxing Massage.  
Add ons for healthy nails only:
                                             Polish$5(mini take home bottle) 
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