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Gel Polish & Nail Enhancments

Artificial Nails such as Gel or Acrylic and even the new Gel polish nails are enhancments appliced for length, beautifucation or both.
There are always a few tips and tricks and troubleshooting as to why your nails arent lasting the way you want them to.
Lifting is a number one problem many people experience, which can be caused by:
1: soaking the nails for long periods of time (washing dishes, sitting in the hot tub, swimming)
2: Lotions that contain LANOLIN or MINERAL OILS.
3: Self filing the ends of the nails which breaks the seal of the acrylic or gel.
Another common problem is discolouration of the nails which are often caused by tanning beds, tanning lotions and lotions which contain lanolin or mineral oils.
Try to wear gloves when washing dishes or working outside in the garden,  try to avoid lotions that may discolour your enhancments.
If you notice lifitng, please do not PICK-PEEL-PULL, BITE or CUT your gel polish or gel/acrylic enhancments off, this could lead to permanent damage to your nail bed called ONYCHOLYSIS  * the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed*  which depending on how severe the separation is may be permanent damage, and leave you open to infection (onychomycosis/nail fungus)
Never use those pretty nails as tools, remember they are *Jewels Not Tools*, opening cans, jars are just one example how we can damage them by using them improperly.
Also if you notice lifting, putting glue or bandaids on to hold a broken or lifting nail in place, can trap oils and dirt, and without proper cleansing could lead to bacterica, mold or fungal growth.  Please get in to see your nail tech ASAP to have the TLC your nails require.  If you do notice excessive moisture or dark discoulouration under an enhancment contact your nail tech to have it repaired or removed.
And last but not least Be Regular:  REBALANCE/FILL/INFILL
Regual appointments will allow for the proper rebalance of your enhancment to ensure that your stress line or your product is properly built up and applied to avoid breaks and lifting.
Happy Nails Everyone :)
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