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FootLogix. Where Medi meets Pedi.

Why I choose to use for FootLogix for my footcare services:  the first Footlogix Pediceuticals 
FootLogix is made 100% within Canada and the United States.
Safe for diabetics 
non-occlusive:  Which means it will not block our skins natural functions. We have sweat glands and oil glands all over our bodies except for the soles of our feet and palms of our hands where we only have sweat glands. Foot Logix will still allow our feet to sweat 
Alcohol free nondrying formula

Dermal integration technology In a non-greasy foam formula that penetrates the skin to where hydration is needed most

Contains urea which is a naturally occurring humectant in our skin it pulls the moisture and holds it where it's needed
For optimal results

Even after just one professional service you see significant results and with a variety of take-home care products but Logix is sure to provide you with the footcare results you need

I use FootLogix for all of my foot care services to provide my clients with the best products and service possible. 
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