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8Halloween Tips for Children with Diabetes.

Came across a great little article for children with diabetes:  this article was taken from Canadian diabetes association 

Eight Halloween tips for children with diabetes
Soon the young ghosts goblins and witches will be knocking on doors chanting trick-or-treat for Halloween by planning ahead the traditions of Halloween can be enjoyed by children who have diabetes
Whatever the occasion kids with diabetes can be involved there is a misconception that diabetes is about avoiding sweets and sugars however it's actually about managing carbohydrate intake
Children with diabetes can enjoy sweets and sugary foods in moderation and not on occasion as part of a healthy balanced diet is Joanne Lewis manager diabetes education at the Canadian diabetes Association
By determining the details in advance to keep diabetes management on track parents and children will be prepared to participate and have fun on special occasions such as Halloween

Some ideas to allow your kids with diabetes to participate in Halloween are

emphasize the nonfood related aspects of Halloween such as costume preparation and decoration

consider giving out school supplies with the Halloween related seem as candy does not have to be the only option for treats for example Halloween themed pencils can be handed out this option can also be enjoyed longer than a piece of candy chocolate bar or bag of chips

After trick-or-treating sort through your child's sack of late allowing them to set aside the candies they love best ration these out to ensure they enjoy them at the right time such as after supper for dessert or after lunch at school

Remember that there aren't good or bad choices when it comes to Candy a gram of carbohydrate weather comes from a chocolate bar or lollipop effects blood glucose levels in the same way however I Halloween size candy which contains between 8 to 15 g of carbohydrates could be a better choice than a big bag of chips which is added fat sodium and calories

Leftover treats can be traded with siblings or parents in exchange for nonfood related treats such as a new toy

Consider saving items appear candy such as lollipops for treating  hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels)

Moderation is important for everyone including children who don't have diabetes let your child with diabetes know that it isn't just because of their diabetes that they shouldn't overindulge encourage your other children in the family to follow the same suggestions as your child with diabetes

Ensure your child has a good meal before trick-or-treating to prevent a low while running from door to door and avert dipping into the treat bag before they get home because they're hungry

If you have questions about your child's diabetes management including their meal plan speak your child's health care team

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