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Nail Technology

Gel Polish & Nail Enhancments

Artificial Nails such as Gel or Acrylic and even the new Gel polish nails are enhancments appliced for length, beautifucation or both.
There are always a few tips and tricks and troubleshooting as to why your nails arent lasting the way you want them to.
Lifting is a number one problem many people experience, which can be caused by:
1: soaking the nails for long periods of time (washing dishes, sitting in the hot tub, swimming)
2: Lotions that contain LANOLIN or MINERAL OILS.
3: Self filing the ends of the nails which breaks the seal of the acrylic or gel.

Nail Rebalance, Fill, Fix

It's always good to book a rebalance of the nail in advance to avoid stress cracks or breaks.  Your nail technician will have created a nice c curve for your nail with it being slightly thicker along the stress line.  As the nail grows the stress c curve built up by your tech will grow out with your nail and needs to be rebalanced.  Your free edge will begin to show and a rebalance of your colour will be needed as well.  Notice in the photo the stress crack which has resulted from new growth and the movement of the built up stress line.
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