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Pedicure vs PediCare - What's The Difference?

A pedicure is a cosmetic service performed in a salon to the feet and toenails.

If you want/need more than a cosmetic service, PediCare features:


Foot care by a Podologist

* Use of aseptic techniques beyond provincial/territory requirements to ensure cleanliness

* Personal Protective Equipment for both you and the Podologist to insure your health and safety

* BS Brace is also available to correct involuted and/or ingrown nails without pain or surgery

A Podologist is not a medical doctor, they are someone who has an advanced knowledge in lower limb diseases and disorders, infection control, comprehensive foot and leg evaluation, advanced skin and nail pathology, and diabetic foot syndrome, as well as gait analysis and advanced pedicuring skills. They specialize in pedicuring geriatric, diabetic, and immune compromised clients. To fulfill their education, they must complete numerous case studies and take part in a truly life changing residency program. Upon successful completion, they are entitled to a Bachelor of Science degree in Podology.

The lack of standardization in pedicuring services in salons and spas means that clients who are diabetic, suffer ingrown toenails, skin or nail infections, or even structural disorders may not be getting the proper care that they require. Podologists are required to complete a specific curriculum in order to learn how to care for these clients with special foot care needs in a safe and effective manner. A Podologist can knowledgeably refer you to the proper medical professional when additional attention is needed. (Toes2Toes credited for this description)

Foot Care

$80 Foot Care Pedi~Care Service

gait analysis, soak, scrub, nail care ( trimmed, and thinned), cuticle care, heel /callus care, diabetic friendly finishing creme, hot towels, & relaxing massage.

Add on for healthy nails only:

Colour Polish (included)

French Polish $5,

Soak off Gel Polish with foot care $20

$40 Ingrown/Involution Toenail Management

Removal or rounding of the Spicula (portion of nail)

growing into the nail fold causing pain discomfort.

possible Nail Brace may be suggested.

Please Be advised:

I use a topical numbing spray I do not freeze the toe.

You should visit your Doctor if:

!Obvious Infections such as excessive swelling

or presence of puss or broken skin or extreme excessive pain when worked on is present in the toe

you will be Referred to your Medical Doctor or Podiatrist!

$60 B/S Nail Brace

A discreet Ingrown/involution toenail brace, to relieve pressure and pain

while gently and gradually

correcting that pinching curve.

Excessive curvature of the toenail? Sensitivity and/or Pain?

Ask for the revolutionary B/S Brace System.

Eliminate your pain with this non-surgical, corrective procedure that requires no down time!

$50 Toe Nail Reconstruction

(Healthy toenails/nail beds only)

Broken, lifted, shedding nails can be rebuilt to be aesthetically pleasing while your nail re-grows or to cover an absent nail.

(Please note there needs to be some nail present to attach the product)

If your insurance company will not accept the receipt you may be able to claim it on your income tax (you may need to speak to your medical doctor and accountant to qualify). You may also claim it under Seniors Benefits, however finding out if your are eligible for any of the reimbursements are 100% the responsibility of you the client.

I am not wheelchair accessible:


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